Friday, 12 June 2009

Neo-Cowgirl Faux Rodeo

I reckon when the Fun Fed gets a home we should have a games designer in residence each month and Thursday nights, or every night, or whatever works - are Testing Nights in the bar when the designer tries out each game idea with whoever's there and up for it.

And I think the first person we should invite is Catherine Herdlick.

Just played some of her ace games at the wonderful Come Out and Play street games festival in nyc.

First up was Bronk Riding

So you have cowgirls (behatted) and hustlers in teams of four, with coloured neckerchiefs. The cowgirl mounts her pony - a yoga ball - with hands in press up position on a pink sheet on the floor. The hustlers sit at each corner and, on the count of three, try and pull her off by wiggling the sheet. The Cowgirl's objective is to not let anything but her hands touch the floor for four seconds. Three judges give her marks out of ten for time up and elegance of dismount.

Next up is what I'm going to call tie your pony though i bet she had a better name for it.

Two little ponies are tied to long strings. The cowgirl stands in a blue square a few feet from the action sheet and the ponies. On the mark, the cowgirl must catch the ponies and tie three of each pony's legs together within 25 seconds. The catch - each end of string is held by a hustler, who wiggles it like crazy when you go for the pony. Again, marks out of 10 for time and style.

Last of all, what I'm going to call 'ride your pony'.

Within 60 seconds, the cowgirl has to navigate the yoga ball pony around blue squares taped on the floor, using only her head (and possibly a little chest action too). At the same time, the hustlers stand in the squares, throwing the other pony to each other as many times as they can before the cowgirl reaches the finish line. (or finish hat). Marks out of 10 for time and style, 1 point deducted for every time the cowgirl's pony hits a hustler or a wall.

Then.... all the scores are added up and prizes are awarded to the meanest hustlers (they get to keep their neckerchiefs) and the most dapper cowgirl (a pink sparkly cowgirl hat). 


We had an audience. That was good. People coming and going.

Can I just say... the size of american sandwiches....?!?

And, er, please bear with me on the quality of photo and video. Haven't done much of either in about ten years and spent the afternoon in central park familiarising myself with complex new camera for The Mission... Masterpieces, perhaps, to follow (one day...)

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  1. Wouldn't it be cool if the Fun Fed bred games designers in the same way that comedy clubs breed comedians. Then you could have open mic nights :)