Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Men Women and Games

The majority of the Fun Fed team and players are female. The majority of Come Out and Play designers and players seem to be men.
There are big differences as a result.
A lot of the games here involve strategy, tactics, spatial stuff, an element of conquest, athletic prowess and ball skills.
The men seem to really like them.
I don't get off on them at all because I'm bad at them and it's less fun if you're no good.
It looks like people like to play with the stuff they feel good at. I love to play with singing and dancing. I feel good at singing and dancing. Other people would much rather play with balls and spatial strategy because they're more at home there.
My questions:
Who do we cater for, who do we not cater for, do we want to cater for the people we don't currently cater for and what would it take to do that? Probably a team member with a different mind who's excited about this stuff and wants to run with it... head honcho aside, we're four women and a gay guy...
What's that about? We're out of balance!

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