Sunday, 14 June 2009

Circle rules football was An Event

the best things: the theatre of it. Being in a team and playing for a long period. Having a commentator and a coach and people in costume / character and a marching band adding their rhythms and songs to the sense of drama, and dancing in the breaks. Having a big ball. The potential to wrestle. Having two little games before going for the biggie.

The worst things: I am hopeless at team sports and ball sports and I had a good go for Team Cake (the reds) but I was basically rubbish and all that stuff about sporting prowess still comes up even though the rules of the game are different.

Give me a lot of rough and tumble, full contact and the opportunity to hurtle myself around a wide open field and I'm a happy lady. Give me rules and things that require a degree of skill with a ball and thinking strategically on the spot about team play and I am rubbish. Rubbish.
I'm left with lots of thoughts about gender and play and ego and soul and skill but ack it's too late another time.

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