Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Play and Games

“”Play” is different from “game”. Play is the free spirit of exploration, doing and being for its own pure joy. Game is an activity defined by a set of rules, like baseball, sonnet, symphony, diplomacy. Play is an attitude, a spirit, a way of doing things, whereas game is a defined activity with rules and a playing field and participants. It is possible to engage in games like baseball or the composing of fugues as play; it is also possible to experience them as lila (divine play), or as drudgery, as bids for social prestige, or even as revenge.” 

Free Play, Stephen Nachmanovitch, p43

Huizinga's Characteristics of Play

From Wikipedia, quoting from Huizinga's Homo Ludens: The Play Element of Culture (1938)

I'm trying to decide whether to read this book.

From wikipedia's synopsis it looks like Huizinga's core idea here is that culture itself plays; the dynamics of culture are play; culture is a kind of aliveness at play.