Monday, 15 March 2010

Fasting and Feasting

I've been finding fasting and feasting fun.

I did my first fast last summer after I met a man who told me all about his fasting, and it felt like what I needed. Following his model, I just took water and green tea for two days.

I felt great.

Since then I've been doing a one day fast about once a month, and loving it. It makes me feel clean and simple. It seems to dissolve a hard cast of crap and niggles that seem to grow up around me.

Just looked it up on wikipedia, to discover a big bunch of health benefits associated with it, and to learn that fasting is a core part of Islam, Hinduism, Catholicism (funny though, when for a Hindu or Muslim a fast tends to mean no food, liquid, smoking or sex, for a Catholic it's limiting your food consumption to one big meal and two small meals in a day with no snacks...), the Bahai faith, Eastern Orthodox Christians, and an observant follower of Judaism will fast for 6 days a year.

So, in atheist western culture I guess people generally don't fast, or only fast to lose weight.

But there's something very beautiful about it when it's not about weight loss.


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