Monday, 15 March 2010

The Engineer who ran away with the circus

We ran away with the circus for a day on Saturday and identified a new player type: the Engineer.

Circus performers are engineers. They play with physics, forces, angles, distances, timing, in an incredibly precise way. Engineers like puzzles, spatial and strategic challenges, tight rules, having to work precisely within the rules in order to achieve something. I think Engineers probably like Achieving something.

Circus lovers are also Kinaesthetes, who love to be in their bodies, and Performers, who delight at their moment before an audience.

So if your child is a kinaesthete, performer and engineer, watch out, they may well run away with the circus.

Strangely, I was then sent a link to this fun blog this morning, about the Engineer who ran away with the circus.

Personally I like the look of the 'Caterpillar...'


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  2. Briony - I believe we have played together!

    Glad you got to run away to the circus for a day, and very cool to read about your player types; kinda strange to feel so well summed-up in a blog post!

    Rachael, the engineer who ran away to the circus