Sunday, 11 October 2009


Shit week. Lunch with sisters. Humm. People feeling brittle. Little argument. Don't like arguments. Walk off. 5 mins later bump into sister 1. What's wrong? We hug. I cry. Feel at bottom of the shit box.

7 hours later I feel amazing. On top of the world.

Went to see Nikos the pianist. He's a pro jazz pianist and teacher who heard my first ever totally improvised singing performance at Guildhall jazz summer school and said, let's get together and play.

We were on fire

In the first piece, he played piano, and I sung.

Piece two: my body became my drum, he sung too

Piece three: we were, between us, playing the piano, the voice, kazoo, drum in the normal way, drum sides and undersides, pieces of paper, keys upon furniture


I feel on top of the world

problems dissolved

able to do anything

Wow. For me, musical play with Nikos is now the best fun in the world.

Play therapy for sane people. That's what we need. Music therapy for all. Who want it.

I'm going to try to learn to sing Opportunity from Bobby Mcferrin the God of Vocal Play

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