Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Player Types

After conducting over 6000 play histories, Psychiatrist Stuart Brown has identified eight player types.

No one is a perfect example of a single play personality type; most of us are a mix of these categories. At different times and in different situations, people might find themselves playing in a mode that is different than their dominant type.” (p65)

The Joker
The most basic and extreme player throughout history is the joker. A joker's play always revolves around some kind of nonsense... Later, the class clown finds social acceptance by making other people laugh.”
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The Kinesthete

Kinesthetes are people who like to move – who, in the words of Sir Ken Robinson, “need to move in order to think.” … Kinesthetes naturally want to push their bodies and feel the result. They may be those who do football, yoga, dance or jump rope.”
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The Explorer
Each of us started our lives by exploring the world around us. Some people never lose their enthusiasm for it. Exploration becomes their preferred avenue into the alternative universe of play – their way of remaining creative and provoking the imagination.”
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The Competitor

The competitor is a person who breaks through into the euphoria and creativity of play by enjoying a competetive game with specific rules, and enjoys playing to win. He's the terminator. She's the dominator. The competitor loves fighting to be number 1.”
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The Director
Directors enjoy planning and executing scenes and events. Though many are unconscious of their motives and style of operating, they love the power, even when they're playing in the B-movie league. They are born organizers. At their best, they are the party givers, the instigators of great excursions to the beach, the dynamic centre of the social world.”

The Collector
What good is a world of random objects? The thrill of play for the collector is to have and to hold the most, the best, the most interesting collection of objects or experiences. Coins, toy trains, antiques, plastic purses, wine, shoes, ties, video clips of race car crashes, or pieces of the crashed cars themselves, anything and everything is fair game for the collector.”

The Artist / Creator
For the artist/creator, joy is found in making things. Painting, print-making, woodworking, pottery, and sculpture are well-known activities of artist/creators, but furniture making, knitting, sewing and gardening are also in their purview. Artist/creators may end up showing their creations to the world and even selling them for millions, or may never show anyone what they make.”
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The Storyteller
For the storyteller, the imagination is the key to the kingdom of play. Storytellers are, of course, novelists, playwrites, cartoonists, and screenwriters, but they are also those whose greatest joy is reading those novels and watching those movies, people who make themselves part of the story, who experience the thoughts and emotions of characters in the story.” (pic source)

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