Thursday, 19 November 2009

Play by the sea

How come nature hasn't made it into this blog yet? Just got this email from a friend:
Wanted to tell you about amazing playtime I had last week, in the sea, at St David's (Whitesands Beach) - we went there for a couple of days and I bodyboarded as much as I could on a rubbishy foam kids board but that didn't matter - it was amazing!  I absolutely LOVE it - get such a rush from being in the elements, wind rain waves - tossed about by the waves, waiting waiting waiting to catch one trying failing trying small whoosh paddling back out trying and GETTING THE WAVE!!! and just LOVING the sense of riding it, the pleasure of catching it...  it was FAB.  I think the seaside is a GREAT place for play.  We also played football loads, with a ball so light the wind blew it into one goal all the time; and flew kites, and dug sandcastles.  Sandcastle building, right on the shore as the tide comes in, is one of the types of play my kids get most involved and lost in, totally absorbed and delighted by their battle with the elements

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