Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Playing for dancers

The Findhorn week ends with The Concert which is Fantastic. I'm in the guitars section in the scratch orchestra and we play our guts out for the dancers who dance and whoop in appreciation and I get blood blisters on my fingers from strumming so hard, faster and faster these wild gypsy tunes, getting the power of the sound and rhythm all the way out into the hall with the band, and the blisters burst and bleed and I don't really feel it because I'm pumped with adrenalin and the rhythm keeps going and everyone's there, everyone from the week I've known in different ways now together in their gladrags looking beautiful and playing/ singing / dancing their hearts out and I am grinning ear to ear and fantastic.

This is my kind of performance. Everyone in the room is either playing, or dancing, or singing. There is no audience, only participants. Most people have practiced pieces so that we can be co-ordinated, and we feed each other and it's totally brilliant.

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